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Application Process Guidelines:

To begin the application process, you must have a complete certified home study that has been approved by a qualified agency or licensed professional in the state in which you reside. NO APPLICATIONS WILL BE CONSIDERED WITHOUT THIS. Download the application, print it out, complete the form, and return it to us before the next available application deadline. You cannot type directly into the application. It must be printed out and you may type or hand write the answers onto the printed application. Mail only, no faxed or emailed applications will be considered.

Our next grant will be awarded at the end of October. The deadline for the application is August 5, 2016.

Grants will be awarded by the end of the month for each cycle. All applicants will be notified via email on these dates.

We know you might have questions regarding your application and the process. Please read our FAQ before you email us. If we have not answered your questions on our FAQ page, please feel free to email us at info@Helpusadopt.org

Applicants must be a US citizen living in the United States. Applicants must exhibit financial need and significant obstacles and hardship.

Applicants may be couples or individuals and Helpusadopt.org accepts applications regardless of race, religion, gender, ethnicity, marital status or sexual orientation.

Applicants must exhibit a commitment to adoption and will continue to proceed with the adoption regardless of whether or not they obtain a grant from Helpusadopt.org

Applicants must be associated with a licensed adoption agency or attorney. You will be asked to provide all contact information.

Applicants must not be pursuing infertility treatments while simultaneously pursuing adoption.

Priority will be given to applicants without children and those with failed or disrupted first time adoption placements.

Helpusadopt.org reserves the right to contact applicants by phone to clarify any information provided in the application or to conduct a telephone interview.

Please do not apply for reimbursement on a completed adoption.

Please print out and complete the Helpusadopt.org grant application. Include a copy of your home study, your most recent tax return and your personal statement. Complete application can be mailed to:

PO Box 787
New York, NY 10150
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