gratefully acknowledges the caring companies, families, and individuals who donate to's Annual Fund. We also want to thank all of our event sponsors and attendees, and supporters who purchased jewelry and totes from the bottom of our hearts. Know that you are all making a difference.

2016 Donors

Founders' Circle
$10,000 +

Cleary Gottlieb

Lisa and Paul Davis

Amanda and Samuel Descovich

Katie and Mark Duimstra

In Memory of Corrine L. Jagde

Becky and Kipp Fawcett

The Lily Foundation


Joseph Hill

Iris and Saul Katz Family Foundation

Laura and Anthony Klarman

Lara Zibners Lohr and Gernot Lohr

Jennifer and Michael Miller

Martha and Peter Morse

Paul Hastings LLP

Liad and David Pernock

Glenn Hill and Peter Rider

Zachary and Lori Schreiber Family Fund

$5,000 - $9, 999

Patty Comeford and Clarke Adams


UBS Bank

Lauren Moskowitz and Matthew Choate

Jacqueline Cohen

Connie and Brian Demkowicz

Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation

Elephant Rock Foundation

Leibowitz and Greenway Family Foundation

Tompkins Broll Family Foundation

Malia and David Frame

Annie and Adam Hill

John and Martha Odle Family Foundation

Lisa and Keith Lavitt

Cindy Chua and Eric Lee

Sandy and James Merli

Julie and Guy Pedelini

Suzie and Scott Rehl

Pippa and Brian Riley

Katherine and Carlos Rosa

Ross Strent & Company LLP

Marsha and Scott Tarriff

The Greenhut Family Charitable Foundation

Veronica Beard

Robin and Tom Westle

William C. & Joyce C. O'Neil Charitable Trust

Douglas Wood

Shnieka Johnson and Geoffrey Young

$1,000 - $4,999

A Baby Step Adoption

NGAM Advisors

Julia Amo-Simon

Christopher Anderson

Angela Sabol and Thomas Tarka

Brian Bagdonas

Beneficial Bank

Laurie and Lawrence Beller

Collette and Peter Bellwoar

Deanna Berkeley

Birny Mason Jr. Foundation

Blank Rome

Sarah-Marie Martin and Nick Brophy

Janice Spector and George Buchalter

Maria and John Buhl

John Callahan

Carolyn Tierney and Charles Carter

Emily and Michael Cavanagh

Stephanie Hsu and Tom Cheung

Marie and Craig Chobor

Susanna and Michael Choo

John Christmas

CJM Wealth Managment

Diana and Matthew Coldren

Lizbeth Conboy

Tara and Anthony Coniglio

Margaret Conklin

Conservest Capital Advisors

Cook Maran & Associates Inc.

Vicki and David Craver

Arlene and Eduardo Cruz

Elizabeth and Dan DiDomenico

Maureen and Nathan Doron

Eugene and Michelle Dubay

Eric Dubelier

Amy and Joel Eads

Nicole and Jeremy Ecker

Elizabeth Eielson

Nicole and Keith Eksterowicz

Nicole and Nathan Eldridge

Elizabeth and Chase White

Elmwood Country Club

Martha and Frederick Fawcett

Colleen and Daniel Flannery

The Fort Group Inc.

PNC Foundation

Cara and Scott Fudemberg

Heather and Kevin Gallagher

Gina and Matthew Genesio

Eileen and Malcolm George

Britt-Louise and Jamal Gilder

Amy and Adam Glasofer

Lisa Glassner and David Kovacs

Pamela and Robert Goergen

Ashley and Daniel Govberg

Kristin Haines

Hankin Foundation

The Hannah and Paul Burstein Charitable Fund

Lauren Hart and Todd Carmichael

Fran and Frank Hauser

Sue and Bruce Hepke

Lousie and Kenneth Hess


Jennifer and Dean Irey

Johnson & Johnson

JP Morgan Chase

Katherine and John Karamatsoukas

William Kelly

Rachel and John King

Anissa and Rob Klein

Chris Kofol and Mow Wong

Amy and John Korman

Natasha and Richard Krupp

Arlene Lavitt

Jenni Leong

Alison and Anthony Liotti

Jean and Edward Lipkin

Reed Smith LLP

Michelle Peranteau and Billy Looney

Allison and Jon Lubert

Alicia and Patrick Lulley

Pat and Robert Lulley

Domenic and Anna Maida

Malvern Federal Savings Bank

Joy and Ben Mears

Lara and Corey Metz

Miller Bros.

Kendra and Marty Miller

Annie Milligan

Morgan Stanely


Donna and Bill Oliver

Carol Parnell

Littler Mendelson PC

Lara Qubain

Rachel and Mark Makepeace

Paul Raden

Christopher Rees

Elizabeth and Christopher Rile

Cindy and Tim Roach

Andrea Gamber and Tom Rodenhiser

Melinda and Mike Sachs

The Safegard Group

Jeremy Sample

Cindy and Jake Scheinerman

Allison and Vaughn Schill

Lori and Zach Schreiber

Eileen and William Schwitter

Angela and Tim Sipe

Margaret Skawinski

Donna and Jerry Slipakoff

Joshua and Sara Slocum

Tammy and David Slomovic

Nicholas Snyder

Karen and Marc Sperber

Charlotte Steeh

Anne and John Stratton

Suzanne Bachner and Bob Brader

Chris Taves

The PIMCO Foundation

The Timber Lake Foundation

Anne Titterton

New York Community Trust

Kara and Steve Udicious

Benny Vasquez

Dawn Elyse Warden


Courtney Smith and Stephen Wiesmore

Connie and Sankey Williams

Janine and Jeff Yass

Lee Zaretzky

$500 - $999

Raghan Abouasaleh

Hannah Anthony

Marc and Dorian Axinn

Daniel Ballen

Andrea and Andrew Bast

Hillary and Andrew Beckman

Amy and Oliver Beiersdorf

Sasha and Morgan Blackwell

Christy and Clifford Brechner

Margaret Brehman

Peggy and Scott Brehman

Ann T. and Joy Earl Brown Brown

Genevieve and Eric Burger

Rose Burke

Lauren Cahill

Elaine and Jack Carr

Beatrice Cassou

Maria Charno

Megan Chin

Carolyn Cibelli

Jason Cilo

Simone Ciorobara

Sandy Tabatznik and Mark Cohen

Johnny Cooper

John and Heidi Daileader

Kelly and Mike Daly

Fern and Gregory Rutter Dannis

Elaine and Robert Deangelis

Elizabeth DeNapoli

Susan Cordaro and Sean Desmond

Beth Fishbein and Adam Diamond

Francesca and Richard Diamond

Anna Dimenna

Michelle Durham

John Dyson

Jesse and James Eisenberg

Kate Engelbrecht

Patricia and Ronald Epps

Ergentus P.C.

Karen and David Rosenberg Fechter

Alise and Jim Ferency

Kerry Ferraro

Randi W. Fisher

Julia S Fleischner

Juliana and Timothy Foley

Brooke and Gary Fritz

Sandy and Arnold Galman

Susan and Michael Giampetroni

Barbara F Gibbs

Lisa and Matthew Gillin

Global Facility Management & Construction

Stewart and Melinda Goldman

Marie and Kenneth Gould

Cari and David Grodner

Lulie Haddad

Stacie and Chris Harden

Allyson and Tim Henkel

Kim and Greg Heuer

Reed A. Hodkin

Danielle and Adam Illfelder

J.P. Morgan Solutions Team

Cindy and Jarrod Kelly

Ann and Jack Kelly

M. Sue Kendall

James Kerr

Jackie Kestenbaum

Dena and Josh Kimball

Jennifer Kish

Eric Klein

Kat Mittman and Doug Kobak

Cooper Smith and Todd Koch

Jean and Milan Kofol

Molly A. Kranys

LeeAnn Kress

KVO Collections

Deirdre and Michael Lake

Nicole and Adam Landau Landau

Michelle and Jason Lavitt

Maureen and Michael Lee

Connie and David Lees

Larena and Brian Rolli Lettow

Ann Lokey

Julia Loy

Ursula and Robert Lulley

Kara and Matt Lulley

Cynthia and Jeffrey Mack

Stephanie and Gregory Malik

Monica and Jonathan Mandell

Sarah and Brad Marshall

Andrea and James Gumina Martin

Richard McDonald

MetLife Inc.

Kate and Scott Miller

Sarah and Scott Miller

Susan and Basil Moore

Rania Muasher

Sara Murray

Anita and Robert Nelson

Denise and Sergio Martinez Ott

John Pagnotta

Tejal and Kepal Patel

Rebecca and James Bentley Paul

Eve and Leo Pierce

Peter Raymond

Jennifer Rinella

Mary Beth and Mark Roe

Betsy and Barry Rorer

Hyla and David Rosenberg

Shani Rosenzweig

Paul Rosica

Julie and Andrew Rubinstein

Virginia Sabia

Saint Joseph Hospital

Ina Sargen

Beth and Mitchell Sargen

David Schuyler

Pat Sebatian

Andrea Seltzer

Catherine Shanahan

Julieann and Keven Shanahan

Paul Shepherd

Suga and Jared Smith

Ann and Martin A. Snyder

Morgan Stanley

Linda and Dennis Stillwell

Amber Bankson and Waldemar Szlezak

Ruth and Brian Tart

Virginia and Jim Unger

Colleen Hittle and Tadas Viskanta

Tina Vouyiouklis

Giulia and Marc Weisman

Claudia and Guntram Weissenberger

Dan Welch

$250 - $499

Christopher Abbate

 Robert and Denise Adler

 Adoptions First

 Bonnie and Matthew Altman

 Sylvia and Stephen Ananicz

 Jim Anisi

 Fig Annunziato

 Cynthia Ash

 Kerry and Matthew Atlas

 Robert Austin

 Leyla and Cole Bader

 Jeneva Bell

 Nathalie and Jonathan Bell

 Claire Bellis

 Roy Ben-Dor

 Jean Bichara

 Barbara and Doug Bigford

 Arthur Blank

 Bernadette Bohn

 Carrie and John Boxer

 Donna and Joseph Boyle

 Lisa and Andrew Brandt

 Robin and Alan Breecker

 Lillian Bueno-Gatell

 Dianne Burkitt

 William Calderaro

 Susan and Cummins Catherwood

 Lisa Cear

 Colleen Chance

 Ariana and Michael Chiaravalloti

 Jacqueline Chu

 Michele Chupein

 Emily Clifton

 Elizabeth and JB Cordaro

 Lesley and Frank Coulson

 Ruth Cox

 Heather Craig

 Robert Crozier

 Jennifer and David Culbertson

 Maura and Jesse Daniels

 Erin Brady and Jeff Day

 April and Joseph Denny

 Kim Depole

 Cristin Deveer

 Elizabeth Dexter

 Janet Doherty

 Steven Dolgin

 Doty Family Foundation

 Cameron and Jeff Edwards-Smith

 Elaine and Jay Moorin

 Amy and Justin Miller Emanuel

 Loretta Fagin

 LLC Family Match Consulting

 Chris Faricelli

 Maxine Fechter

 Gerard Feil

 Amy Feinblatt

 Lindsay Feldman

 Victoria and Josh Feltman

 Jennifer Fischer

 Lauren and Daniel Forman

 Francine Disla-Freise and Dan Freise

 Jessica and Ed Friedman

 Jennifer Fuller

 Ellen and Rob Fullerton

 Tracia Fung

 Lisa Gallo

 Meena and Rohit Gandhi

 Beth and Jeff Gardner

 Marilynn and Anthony Genesio

 Barbara and Richard Gilbert

 Glasko Smith Kline

 Laura C. Glick

 Laurie and Jonathan Goldheim

 Kara and Danny Goldstein

 Melissa Goldstein

 Doug Gordon

 Gail and Robert Green

 Kevin Griffiths

 William Grundy

 Deana Hanson

 Jennifer M. Harrison

 Brenda and Phil Heffelfinger

 Alexis and Wayne Heilala

 Home Grown

 Cyndi and Jerry Hurvitz

 Jackie Jacobs

 Jessica Jacobs

 Amy Jerrehian

 Joann and Dean Strasser

 Jamie Joffe

 Lea Kadish

 Jennifer-Kate and Jamie Kaler

 Jill Katz

 Theresa Kaufman

 Liberty and Jason Kelly

 Sheila C Kirkwood

 Victoria Kozhushchenko

 Lucy Mayo and Spencer Kympton

 Paul A Laurenzi

 Nancy Lee

 Karen and Jim Lehrburger

 Ana Maria Lenfest

 Linda Lewis

 Miriam and Elias Liberman

 Melissa Liberty

 Niki Livas

 Kate Lockwood

 Mildred and Tim Long

 Aldie and Kirk Loubier

 Norma and Joseph Loughran

 John Lyons

 Elizabeth and Scott MacGaw

 Ellen and Thomas Mann

 Liz and Francois Marquis

 Allison Martucci

 Samantha Marvin

 Jeremy Matz

 Michele and Mark Mazzatta

 Debbie McCarthy

 Kristen McDonnell

 Thomas McElroy

 Rebecca Mendel

 Kevin Meserve

 Douglas Meyer

 Jennifer Michaels

 Lee and Fritz Michel

 Kate and Lloyd Miller

 Ellen Mirochnick

 Elizabeth and Michael Morrell

 Lisa Muir

 Geralyn Neumann

 William and Kathy Nicholson

 Tara and William Nick

 Nicole and Laurence Snyder

 Erin O'Hearn

 Traci Orel

 Kristin and Richard Page

 Renwick Paige

 Stephen Parish

 Patricia and Charles Richard Corl

 Michael Peay

 Chip Phillips

 Betty Ann and Fred Rainbow

 Luisa and Damien Ramondo

 Louise and Alan Reed

 Jamie Re-Watson

 Elissa and Brian Robinson

 Dara Rose

 Michael Rosenberg

 Gail and Lee Rosental

 Mary and Peter Ross

 Caroline and Todd Rothman

 Michael Rubendall

 Elisa and Ross Rubin

 Arlene and Ed Ruff

 Genna Rufo

 Meredith Sanandres

 Liza Sandler

 Camilla D. and Karthik B. Sankaran

 Julie and Scott Saperstein

 Sara Happ

 Glenn Schlossberg

 Wendy and Gary Schnierow

 Kimberly and Todd Scott

 Kevin Sesny

 Jenna and Andrew Silver

 Lori Beth and Michael Singer

 Christopher Slowey

 Alisa and Mike Snow

 Victoria Soldatovich

 Sherrie and Eddie Soleymani

 Jennie Stewart

 Adam Stone

 Karen and Erik Strid

 Ty Tadano

 Hope Taitz

 Sheeva Talebian

 Maureen Tart

 The Oliva Family Charitable Fund

 Heather Thomas

 Honey and Barry Tishgart

 Justin Toumey

 Kate Cinella Tylis

 Jennifer Unterberger

 Elizabeth Vaysman

 Danielle Warren

 Monica and Andrew Weinberg

 Abigail Weinshank

 Lauren and Andrew White

 Matthew Widham

 Kim Wilkisson

 Mark Wurzel

 Kelly and William Yoh

 Sandra Zablocki

 Sara Zilkha

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