Jake, Whitney & Elliot

            Our adoption story begins with our desire to grow our family and to create a fun and loving home for a child.  Many say it is the journey that counts and not the destination.  In our adoption process it has been the journey that helped us grow as a couple, but the destination has been the most precious part of this experience and well worth the effort. 


            Our journey began with trying to conceive for four and a half years without any success.  Due to Jake’s career in the military our road with fertility treatments included seeing many doctors and specialists in Oklahoma and Germany. When the last IVF treatment was unsuccessful with out any explanation as to why, we felt that adoption was the path for us to take.  It was amazing how right adoption felt to us at the time we made the decision. 


            After beginning the overwhelming processes of finding the homestudy and adoption agency we finally felt the right choice was to go with A Act of Love Adoptions, an agency that finalizes in our home state of Utah where, if we were to be chosen, we could stay with our parents (the new grandparents) and have the support of family and friends.  When starting out with adoption no one tells you that each step of the process will have it own emotional challenge, but we were fortunate to be able to have each other to work through the adoption process together.

            It was over a year and a half from the time that we started with the homestudy to the time we were chosen by a birthmother. The waiting period to be chosen was a difficult time and the year and a half seemed to have no end in sight, but our primary caseworker always said that when it is meant to be it will be and the right baby will come into your arms.

            When you least expect something is when it is bound to happen, and that is exactly how Elliot came into our lives.  Due to the time difference between Germany and our agency in Utah we received the surprise of our lives at 2 AM in a one-sentence email with the subject line “Great News!!”  The body of the email read: “Birthmom and her mother want to place baby with you all!!!”  Whitney was the first one to read the email and woke Jake up to tell him the news.  Jake felt excited and confused and went to back to sleep shortly after.  However, Whitney was up the rest of the night with a million thoughts going through her mind.  During this time Whitney’s parents happened to be visiting us in Germany and we planned to leave that same day on a road trip through Europe.  While on our trip we looked at a calendar and realized that we only had eleven days to prepare to be in Utah!  We quickly made the decision to end our trip short and booked a flight to Utah on the same flight as Whitney’s parents.


            We landed in Utah at 8pm the day before Elliot was to be born.  We spent the day he was to be born at the hospital waiting for the news of his delivery.  Birthmom seemed to be progressing quickly and then slowed down.  Our caseworker informed us that it might be a while until the baby would be born.  The hospital was about an hour from Jake’s parent’s house, where we were staying, so we decided not to go home so that we could stay close to the hospital.  We decided to pass the time while we waited by going out to lunch and getting pedicures together.  These were the last precious moments of our lives as just the two of us.  We reveled in this time together, but also felt anxious anticipation to meet our baby boy.  Just as we were finishing up with our pedicures we headed back to the hospital and received a text message from our caseworker that Elliot had been born and was in the nursery.  We rushed down the hallway and knocked on the nursery door.


            Throughout the Adoption process we often wondered if we would feel a connection with baby right away or if we would feel as though he wasn’t ours, but those worries quickly dissipated as we were guided into the nursery to where Elliot was laying under the warming lights.  The door opened and we saw him across the room and we instantly knew he was our son.  We truly believe that God intended him to be in our family.  As we drew closer to him we saw how cute and small he was at 6 pounds, 4 ounces and 19 inches long.   Meeting Elliot for the first time was the most surreal moment of our lives.  We were able to bathe him and be with him that evening.  He stayed in the hospital for then next 72 hours during which time we went to the hospital every day.  While he was at the hospital we were able to pray for him and give him a blessing to ensure his continued good health.  After 72 hours Elliot’s doctor gave us the green light to take him home.  We couldn’t be happier to bring our new precious baby home with us.


            We spent the next three weeks in Utah staying with our families as we prepared to take Elliot back home to Germany with us.   After Elliot joined our family we were amazed at the outpouring of love and generosity from family and friends.  It has been remarkable to see the power that a newborn baby has to bring people together.


Each day is an exciting adventure and a learning experience as well as a blessing now that Elliot is home with us.  He is growing by the second and we are having the best time with him.  We are humbled to be his parents and the titles of mom and dad are still novel to us.  We would like to express our gratitude to all of you who helped to bring this joy into our lives.  Our goal is to ensure that Elliot will grow up learning that the Lord loves him and that he has a birthmother that loves him and has made the sacrifice to place him a forever family that wants the best for him.  As Elliot’s parents we will always strive to do what we can to ensure his happiness and to provide him with every opportunity in our power for him to grow and progress in this life.

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