In our first year of awarding grants, we gave out $100,000. Today, we are proud to award $600,000 annually to the deserving applicants who seek our services. But, with this increase has come an increase in the number of applications we receive. Last year we had to decline over 1,000 applicants because there is simply only so much funding to go around. By enrolling in our recurring gift program, you can increase the impact of your giving and help ensure that we have the support we need to help more families complete their adoption and bring their children home.

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Recurring Gift FAQs:

How often will I be charged?

It's completely up to you! You can choose to donate annually, semi-annually, quarterly, monthly, or weekly. Any amount you choose to give will help us help more of our deserving applicants!

Will I receive notification of each donation?

Yes, each time you are charged for a recurring donation, we will send you notification via email. If you require a hard copy, simply reply to the email or contact us at any time!

What should I do if my credit card expires or my billing address changes?

Please call us at (917) 684-5484 and we can update your information in our system.

Can I change the amount/frequency of my gift in the future?

Absolutely! Send us an email and we can make the changes for you!

Why should I enroll in the recurring gift program?

Over the years, we have gone from awarding $100,000 across two grant cycles to awarding $600,000 across four grant cycles. With this increase, we have also seen an increase in the number of applications we receive. By enrolling in the recurring gift program, it will help ensure that we have the support we need to help those who seek our services. In addition, it can help you increase the impact of your donation without straining your budget. For example, a donation of $150 can be spread out into 12 monthly gifts of $12.50. 

What happens if I need to discontinue my recurring gift?

Simply email us or give us a call at (917) 684-5484 and we will help take care of it!

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