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There are hundreds of thousands of children across the world who are without a loving, permanent home. This is a global problem that does not have a simple solution. One answer for many of these children is adoption, but the average adoption costs $40,000 and must be paid in-full before the adoption is complete. The median income in our country is $59,000; many who want to adopt simply cannot afford to. awards life-changing grants to families so they can bring their children home.

Every donation changes a child's life. Every donation builds a family.

"[...] to those who have made your amazing benevolence possible, we wish to express with utmost sincerity – from the bottom of our hearts – how much we appreciate the financial support they have provided in order for you to carry out your mission of providing grants for the very expensive and often arduous process of adoption. To have supporters that are able to fund such a noble but typically less ‘mainstream’ cause is to be highly respected. This speaks volumes about the organization’s mission and their ability to accomplish it." - Nathan & Wes, Grant Recipients and Proud Dads

Since its launch in 2007, has awarded 737 adoption grants totaling over $7 million. However, each year, we receive over $13,500,000 of requests. No child or would-be-parent should have financial circumstance stand between them and the basic human right to have a family. is a national 501(c)3 financial grant program that helps couples and individuals (regardless of race, religion, gender, ethnicity, marital status or sexual orientation) with the cost of their adoptions by awarding grants of up to $20,000.

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