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HelpUsAdopt Fundraiser Held At Veronica Beard’s Suburban Square Boutique

"A discussion was led by Becky about the relevancy of the organization and what it accomplishes. In a nutshell, the organization helps hard-working families overcome the financial obstacles of adoption so that children can join loving and permanent homes."

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How much is IVF? Surrogacy? Adoption? Here are the financial costs of infertility

"Just ask Becky Fawcett, a mom from New York City who spent more on her journey to become a parent than she spent on her first house in the suburbs of Philadelphia. Her total expense? Nearly $200,000."


This dad's bread-baking fundraiser sheds light on the high cost of adoption

"'Do the math,' Fawcett, a mom by adoption, told TODAY. 'The cost of adoption presents a financially impossible situation for so many American families who want nothing more than to welcome a child into their home.'"

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Becky | Infertile AF

"Becky talks to Ali about her nine-year infertility journey -- and how she ultimately ended up with two amazing children through adoption."


Adopting Without Debt: Adoption Grants

"Adoption grants are one of the least used tactics to pay for your adoption. Yet, they can be beneficial to your over adoption funding goal."

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#AdoptiveMama: What It Means to Be Mothers by Adoption founder, Becky Fawcett weighs in on the trending term #AdoptiveMama and what it means to be a mom by adoption.

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Adoption Brings Families Together, but the Cost Can Keep Families Apart

The average adoption costs $43,000 and the median income in the United States is just under $36,000. Knowing those figures, it’s easy to see why so many families start the adoption process asking, “How am I going to afford this?”

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Luna: The

Helpusadopt founder, Becky Fawcett sits down with Luna Mother Collective to talk adoption.

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Robyn founder, Becky Fawcett is featured on Robyn, discussing IVF, infertility, and her journey to adoption.


"What It's Like Trying to Adopt a Child During the Coronavirus Pandemic"

Helpusadopt is so honored to be featured once again in O Magazine!


#FandMInspires: ’92 Alumna Nonprofit is a Beacon of Hope in the Adoption Community

Franklin & Marshall College feature Helpusadopt founders and alumna, Becky & Kipp Fawcett.


Becky Fawcett: The Miracle of Adoption Founder and President, Becky Fawcett, spoke about infertility and adoption on Progyny's "This Is Infertility" podcast.


Forbes: Why Is The Most Inclusive Adoption Grant Program In America Founder and President, Becky Fawcett, appears on the podcast "Queer Money™" to explain how is helping all families adopt.

good_morning_america.jpg Featured on Good Morning America!

As if we didn't have enough to be thankful for this year! We had this wonderful segment air on Good Morning America on Thanksgiving. It was such an honor to be able to share our story. Thank you to Robin Roberts and everyone at Good Morning America!


Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal honors founder Becky Fawcett as their

Donor of the Day.


‘Help Us Adopt’ Connects Prospective Parents With Adoption Funds. profiled by Huffington Post.


Today Show: The Cost
of Adoption

Natalie Morales interviews Becky & Kipp Fawcett, discussing and the cost of adoption.

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Female Disruptors: Becky Fawcett of Helpusadopt On The Three Things You Need To Shake Up Your Industry

"As a part of our series about women who are shaking things up in their industry, I had the pleasure of interviewing Becky Fawcett, mom by adoption, founder and president of"

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18 Unique & Thoughtful Mother’s Day Gifts That Your Mom Will Love!

"What better way to show your mom or mother figure love and appreciation this Mother’s Day than by giving her a thoughtful gift she’ll love?"

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Handling Tough Stuff With Adoptive Mom Becky Fawcett

"Following failed IVF and miscarriages, Becky and her husband, Kipp, adopted 2 girls who are now thriving teenagers. Listen in as Becky shares what she's learned - and continues to learn - for insights on how you can navigate your own journey as an adoptive parent."

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Meet Becky Fawcett | Founder, President

"I immediately wrote the business plan for the adoption grant program that I would like to support. And that was for one that didn’t define family, didn’t define religion, didn’t dictate HOW these families should adopt."


How To Adopt with Becky Fawcett

"Join us as Becky talks about the process of adoption and answers some questions that we didn’t even know we had."

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Exploring Adoption - Fertility Hero Interview with Becky Fawcett founder, Becky Fawcett chats about her infertility and adoption journey and how it inspired her to help others grow their families through adoption on the Fertility in Focus podcast.


After Several Tries, Rebecca and Dave Howell Get the Family They Always Wanted grant recipients, Rebecca & Dave share their challenging and beautiful journey to adoption with The Philadelphia Inquirer.


Gays With Kids

Helpusadopt founder, Becky Fawcett talks adoption and tips to make it more affordable on Gays With Kids!


Veronica Beard: Shop
for a Cause

Veronica Beard catches up with Helpusadopt founder, Becky Fawcett about the joint event, Shop for a Cause, and Helpusadopt's work.

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Tory Burch Foundation founder, Becky Fawcett speaks on Adoption, IVF & Building Families at the Embrace Ambition Summit.


NYTimes: "What to Know Before Adopting a Child" and our Founder/President, Becky Fawcett, appear in this article in The New York Times' Parenting section.


Kelly Clarkson turned Hoda Kotb's book into
a beautiful lullaby is thrilled to have been chosen by Hoda Kotb and NBC Universal to be the beneficiary of all streams and downloads of the song "I've Loved You Since Forever", performed by Kelly Clarkson, based on the book written by Hoda Kotb in honor of her daughter whom she adopted in 2017.


Philadelphia Style: Philadelphians Making Strides in Philanthropy's Founder and President, Becky Fawcett, shares how her own story inspired her to help people fulfill their dreams of parenthood through much-needed financial assistance.

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Nia Vardalos

Nia Vardalos and her husband, actor Ian Gomez of ABC's "Cougar Town," were matched with their daughter when she was 3-years-old via American Foster Care. Nia is a spokesperson for National Adoption Day and an advocate for children and adoption. She was honored with the 2011 Angels In Adoption award. is grateful and

proud to have Nia's support. 


Fox New York

Fox New York covers Helpusdadopt & speaks with founder Becky Fawcett.


CNN Hero

"Adoptive mom helps 'give birth' to 43 families": Becky Fawcett and featured on CNN.


New York Post:
Two Dogs and a Baby

The New York Post covers the Facwett's adoption and

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Single Woman Finds 'Beauty and Purpose' After Adopting Orphan Born Without Arms and Legs Due to Rare Condition

"After Jacqui officially applied, she was denied numerous grants because she wasn't married. She eventually found, an organization that helped her raise the $45,000 in fees."


Philanthropic Females: Shop These Women-Owned Brands That Are Giving Back

"You can support this cause and help unite a child in need with a loving new family by purchasing one of their bracelets. The bracelets range from $35 to $100, and 100% of the profits go towards the organization's grant program."


Doghouse auction to benefit nonprofits kicks off at White Dog in
Glen Mills

"Artist Jay McClellan, along with local decorators and designers, have created nine unique dog houses that will be auctioned off online to benefit [ and] an array of local not-for-profit organizations."


How To Afford Your Adoption

"Finding the funds for your adoption is not easy. But this podcast will help by teaching adoptive parents to become responsible for their own adoption finances."


The Reality of Adoption - With Founder of

"Founder of, Becky Fawcett opens up about adoption, including her own personal journey."

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Charity Matters: 
Building Families With

"Becky Fawcett, the founder of, and I caught up and had a fantastic conversation about what motivates her and her incredible mission to build families."

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'Not Knowing Right Now Is the Hardest Thing': This Is What It's Like Trying to Adopt a Child During a Global Pandemic grant recipient, Katie is featured on NBC News talking about her adoption journey as she waits for her daughter from afar.


"For Kelly Miller, Adopting as a Single Parent Makes Perfect Sense" grant recipient, Kelly is featured in The Philadelphia Inquirer!


Glimpse Guides: We Are All in This Together founder, Becky Fawcett and Helpusadopt are featured on Glimpse Guides' list 

of initiatives and nonprofits. 


NYTimes: What I Spent to Adopt My Child grant recipient, Jacqui and her daughter, Carina are featured in the New York Times.

O Magazine March 2019_Page_1.jpg Appears in O, The Oprah Magazine is featured in the March 2019 issue of O, The Oprah Magazine.


Modern Hero: Becky Fawcett is a Trailblazer in the Adoption World Founder and President, Becky Fawcett, was profiled by Modern Hero for her ground-breaking family building work.

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Moneyish: "This is the shocking cost millions of Americans endure to adopt a child"

Meet the parents who have drained their life savings to pay for adoption. Features grant recipients.

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People: Heroes
Among Us

People honors and covers grant recipients Jay, Adam & Ethan, and grant recipients Gigi

& Olivia Grace.


People: Heroes
Among Us

People Magazine honors Becky Fawcett and

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Extra: Nia Vardalos Talks Adoption, Foster Care

Nia Vardalos talks Helpusadopt when interviewed on Extra.


The Michael
Smerconish Show

Michael Smerconish interviews Becky Fawcett, discussing the cost of adoption & Helpusadopt.

For Press & Media inquiries, please email Becky Fawcett at or call (917) 684-5484

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