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There are those who would say that every month is National Adoption Awareness Month, and because of the sheer number of vulnerable children we serve that need loving and permanent homes, we at tend to agree.


That being said, November is a great month to spread awareness of adoption and get involved with organizations,

like, that help make adoption possible for every type of family. 

Participate in a peer-to-peer fundraiser.


This is a great and easy way you can help us help others! Our goal is to build a BIG team. We have step by step instructions on how

to host a simple fundraiser on Facebook!

Share your story on Faces of Adoption®!


This is our adoption storytelling platform open to everyone who has

been touched by adoption. Take 10-15 minutes today to submit your

story and be featured on our Faces of Adoption® pages! 

Become a Social Media Ambassador.


We have a team of over 100 families! We ask that you and other

participating families post 1-2 times/month about

(graphics and copy provided). 

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