top of page gratefully acknowledges the caring companies, families, and individuals who donate to's Annual Fund. We also want to thank all of our event sponsors and attendees, and supporters who purchased jewelry and totes from the bottom of our hearts. Know that you are all making a difference.

2018 Donors

Founders' Circle

The Tsunami Foundation - Deb and Anson M. Beard Jr. and Family

$20,000 - $24,999


Patty Comeford

Catherine and Mark Duimstra

King & Spalding

The Lily Foundation

NBC Universal

Lara Zibners Lohr and Gernot Lohr

$10,000 - $19,999

Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation

Cindy Chua and Eric Lee

Cleary Gottlieb Steen and Hamilton LLP

Jackie Cohen

Lisa and Paul Davis

Becky and Kipp Fawcett


Annie and Adam Hill

Glenn Hill and Peter Rider

Joseph Hill

In Memory of Corrine L. Jagde

Iris and Saul Katz Family Foundation

Laura and Anthony Klarman

Anissa and Rob Klein

Sarah and Brad Marshall

Sarah Marie Martin and Nick Brophy

Jennifer and Michael Miller

Martha and Peter Morse

Renee Morse

Julie and Guy Pedelini

Reed Smith LLP

Karen and Marc Sperber

$5,000 - $9, 999

A Baby Step Adoption

Susan and James Anderson

Veronica and Anson Beard

Anna and Mason Bendewald

Beneficial Bank

Barbara Burns

CJM Wealth Managment

Vicki and David Craver

Tom Crowley

Connie and Brian Demkowicz

Amanda and Samuel Descovich

Melissa Dworanczyk

The Greenhut Family Charitable Foundation

The Hannah and Paul Burstein Charitable Fund

Jill Henry

The Herbert Bearman Foundation

Beth and David Javdan


Chris Kofol and Mow Wong

KVO Collections

Lisa and Keith Lavitt

Leibowitz and Greenway Family Foundation

Littler Mendelson, P.C.

M & T Bank

Douglas Meyer

Miller Bros.

Margaret Anne and James Nolen

Nuveen Investments Holdings

Cindi and Greg Odle

Martha and John Odle

Connie Anne Phillips and Jeremiah Harris

Pippa and Brian Riley

Katherine and Carlos Rosa

Ross Strent & Company, LLP

Samuel P. Mandell Foundation

Emily and Joe Summers

Super Enterprises

Triple Threat Productions

Ashley and Tobin Whamond

William C. and Joyce C. O'Neil Charitable Trust

Brigid and Rich Zeoli

Barbara and Todd Albert

James and Tracey Anisi

Fig Annunziato

Suzanne Bachner and Bob Brader

Paul Bartony

Andrea and Andrew Bast

Laurie and Lawrence Beller

Carol Blank Barsh and Horace Barsh

Blank Rome

Kristy and Christopher Boies

Mary Ann and Jeff Bond

Carie Brescia

Bryn Mawr Trust

Noelle Burg

Katherine and Michael Bushey

Alison Butler

Joe Caparella

Barbara Casey

Ariana and Michael Chiaravalloti

John Christmas

Marie and Craig Chobor

Jeanie Clark

Bryan Cohen

Mae and Brad Colman

Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine

Lizbeth Conboy

Tara and Anthony Coniglio

Conservest Capital Advisors

Cook Maran & Associates Inc.

Johnny Cooper and John Coleman

Paul Crimmins

Margaret Crotty

Jennifer Daly

Elizabeth and Dan DiDomenico

Maureen and Nathan Doron

Michelle and Eugene Dubay

Brenda and Henry Duimstra

Nicole and Nathan Eldridge

Elephant Rock Foundation

The Elite Group

Patricia and Robert Ernst

Martha and Frederick Fawcett

Feldstein Family Charitable Foundation

Liz and Paul Finley

Marc Fisher

The Fort Group Inc.

Tara and David Friedman

$1,000 - $4,999

Lily Frost

Cara and Scott Fudemberg

Nancy and David Gansky

Gina and Matthew Genesio

Marilynn and Anthony Genesio

Gladney Center for Adoption

Deborah and Dennis Glass

Lisa Glassner

Adam Goodman

Kimberly and Andrew Gonzales

Kelly and Sean Grieve

Petek Gunay and Nikolaos Balastas

Kristin Haines

David Haire

Jennifer Harrison

Fran and Frank Hauser

Lousie and Kenneth Hess

Kim and Greg Heuer

Timothy Hinspeter

Colleen Hittle and Tadas Viskanta

Amy Ho

Todd Holleman

Independence Blue Cross

Amy Jerrehian

Christina and Kevin Johnson

Shnieka Johnson and Geoff Young

Brian Jozwiak

JP Morgan Chase & Co.

Katherine and John Karamatsoukas

Jennifer Keating

Mary Kent

Rachel and John King

Jamie and Shaun Kolnick

Amy and John Korman

Arlene Lavitt

Maureen and Michael Lee

Lincoln Financial Group

Julie Lorber and Scott Saperstein

Brendan Lynch

John Lyons

Jennifer Maitland

Rachel and Mark Makepeace

Elias Manolis

Sharon and Jeremy Matz

Sandra and James Merli

Lara and Corey Metz

Britt Miller

Kendra and Marty Miller

Annie Milligan

Ellen and Ira Mirochnick

Sue and Euse Mita

Susan Moore

Bethanie and Jason Muchler

My Story Fine Jewelry



Megan and Paul Nolen

Rhoda and Sam Nussbaum

Liad and David Pernock

Viq Pervaaz

Susan and Brent Podlogar

Kelly and Chad Punchard

Lara Qubain

Kathleen and Christopher Rees

Jonathan Rivera

Riverhead Building Supply

The Safegard Group

Jeremy Sample

Meredith Sanandres

Angela and Tim Sipe

Jade and Will Sirignano

Margaret Skawinski

Donna and Jerry Slipakoff

Cooper Smith and Todd Koch

Ann and Martin A. Snyder

Nicholas Snyder

Nicole and Curtis Snyder

Janice Spector and George Buchalter

Linda and Dennis Stillwell

Ileana and Adam Stone

Laura and Blaine Strausser

Brooke Stroebele and Jeffrey Gould

The Timber Lake Foundation

Tompkins-Broll Family Foundation

Dana and Greg Trinks

Trion Group

Deborah Tye

Wells Fargo Foundation

Mia and Frank Wesner

Robin and Tom Westle

Matthew Widham

Linda Yarden and Chris Smith

Janine and Jeff Yass

Sharon and Harold Yoh, III

Chris Abbate

Raghan Abouasaleh

Sharon Ahmann

Chris Anderson

Rebecca and Joseph Anthony

Jill and Paul Aschkensay

Madeline and Daniel Ballen

Hillary and Andrew Beckman

Emily and Eric Bell

Charlotte and Daniel Ben-David

Bernadette Bohn

Ann T. Brown and Joy Earl Brown, Jr.

Maripeg Bruder

Lisa and Bill Boncosky

Lily Bueno-Gatell

Elaine and Jack Carr

May and John Carr

Lori and Roy Carriker

Mary Claire Chase

Janet Choi

Julie Cohen and Matt Pittinsky

Arlene and Eduardo Cruz

Maureen Daley Wieland

Nicole and Joe DeSantis

Teddy Desloge

Francine Disla-Freise and Dan Freise

Rebecca Dixon

Geraldine Dworanczyk

Patricia and Ronald Epps

Joel Fagin

Loretta Fagin

John Falvey

Chris Faricelli

Alise and Jim Ferency

Karen and Mitchell Feuer

Randi Fisher

Tara Flowers

Dara Frey

Annette and John Fudemberg

Andrea Gamber and Tom Rodenhiser

Cara Gentile

Eileen and Malcolm George

Nithya George and Sonny Thadani

Leigh and Jared Gerstenblatt

Angela Giampolo, Esq.

Lawrie and Michael Givner

$500 - $999

Jessica and Billy Goldberg

Laurie and Jonathan Goldheim

Aaron Goldman

Dawn Goldstein

Melissa Goldstein

Marie and Kenneth Gould

Sara and Michael Gubenko

Janine Gutman

Lauren Hart and Todd Carmichael

Kathleen Heaslip Boyle

Tyler Hechler

Janet and Robert Helman

Teryvette Ibanez

Amy Imber

Jackie and Aram Jerrehian

Renee Jonat

Jeffrey Kaveney

Ann and Jack Kelly

Mary Kenzie

James Kerr

Rachel Koenig

Michelle and Jason Lavitt

Connie and David Lees

Jenni Leong

Jill and David Light

Kerstin Lindquist and Daniel Allemeier

Keithe Lockhart

Laurie Loevner

Sara and Joseph Lukens

Loris and Kory Lunsford

Kate Makowka

Stacey and Daniel Maman

Andrea Martin and James Gumina

Cecilia Martorell

David Matus

Jack McKay

Maggie and Zach McWilliams

Rebecca Mendel

Jenny Mollet

Mommy's Angels Adoption Support Group

Meeghan and Kevin Mullin

Amal and Sam Musallam

Gina and Wil Naylor

Tiffany and Michael Neiman

Suzanne Nichols

John Noell

Louise and Jim Nolen

Erin O'Hearn and Sal Paone

Patrick O'Hearn

Melissa Obetz

Denise Ott and Sergio Martinez

Kristin and Richard Page

Priscilla Bradshaw Page

John Pagnotta

Vincent Pelosi

Eve and Leo Pierce

Caryn Pierre

John Porter

Lauren Ramsby

Jackie and Jamie Rantanen

Cheryl and Kevin Roller

Betsy and Barry Rorer

Eileen Rosenau

Hyla and David Rosenberg

Julie and Andrew Rubinstein

Shannon Russo-Pollack

Elizabeth and Kyle Salata

Lesley and Ralph Salo

Allison and Vaughn Schill

Rai Schwarz and Bonnie Lorins

Jamie and Lyndon Sentz

Shannan Simmons

Traci and Jonathan Simpson

Tammy and David Slomovic

Courtney Smith and Stephen Wiesmore

Sherrie and Eddie Soleymani

Lisa Stasse

Jonathan Stillman

Amy and Larry Swiger

Ruth and Brian Tart

Brianna Thomas

Kara Thorton

Tylis Family Foundation

Amy and Jon Van Gorp

Connor Wade

Dan Welch

Erica Werber

Stacey Widlitz

Kim Wilkisson

Lore and Andrew Yao

Kevin Yoder and Harvey Hurdle

Elizabeth Anthony

Susan and John Atkinson

Amy and Rick Atlas

Robert Austin

Kathleen and Dennis Bakos

Steven Baranowski

Jane and Timothy Bard

John Bauer

Joan and Steve Belkin

Dayna Benn

Keith and Ellen Berger

Brian Blake

Lauryn and Sean Blank

Jennifer Bliss

David Blum and Mark Woodland

Stacey and Michael Brand

Lisa and Andrew Brandt

Lauren Braun Costello

Kathy Ann Brodsky, LCSW

Ariel Bronstein

Heidi Bruegel Cox

Christina Burke

Maria and Bill Calderaro

Marcella Canfarotta and Thomas Russo

Lee Cannon

Jeanine Castagna Attorney at Law

Veronica Catanzaro

Susan and Cummins Catherwood

Maxine Chalker

Christ Lutheran of Alamo Heights

Kate Cinella Tylis

Jake Cohen

Will Collyer

Eileen and Bill Conaghan

Martin Connolly

Martin Conroy

Sarah Corstange

Robin Dagostino

Kelly and Mike Daly

Annabelle de Araujo

Kelly Dempsey, Esq.

Kayla Desjardins

Marni and Jeremy Deutsch

Elizabeth Dexter

Christopher and Kathy Dezzi

Jackie Diamond

Melissa Dietz

Anna Dimenna

Denise DiSimone

John Donnelly

Claire Donohue

Elizabeth Dranoff

Andrew Dworanczyk

Amy and Joel Eads

Emily Einhorn

Barbara Elberger

Tim Elder

Kelly Ellison

Stephanie Erceg

Thomas Eschmann

Brian Esser

Eye of The Needle

Christian Fabian

Christina Fairchild Kardon

Mary and Joe Fenkel

Katie and Mike Fitzgerald

Candice Fletcher-Pacheco

Virginia Frank

Barbara Ann Freedgood, LCSW

Ellen and Rob Fullerton

Virginia Funk

Christina and Lance Funston

Aimee and William Gallagher

Lisa Gallo

Tiffany Gallo and Taylor Breed

Colleen and Gregg Gentile

Marie Givner, MSW

Amy and Adam Glasofer

$250 - $499

Lindsey Glen

Joyce and Allan Goldberg

Kimberly and David Goldban

Anne Gray

Cliff Greenberg

James Marlowe Greenberg, Esq.

Karen Grotberg

Kathy and Jon Grover

Ziad Hammodi

Kristen and Rick Hartz

Sayra Havranek

Alexis and Wayne Heilala

Sue and Bruce Hepke

Geoffrey Hill

Marjorie and Jeffrey Honickman

Gail and Jim Howard

Cindy Huang

Janice Huff Dowdy

Siobhan Hummel

Joanna Ivey

Jessica Jacobs

Mindy and Jay Jacobs

Debra Jaques

John Jenkins

Geo Karapetyan

Whitney and Roddy Kellett

Patricia and Phillip Kimball

Megan King

Jennifer Kish

Eric Klein

Nicole Klein

Maureen and John Kolada

Alison Korman Feldman and Marc Feldman

Amy Knepper

Kathleen Knox

Jackie Krese and Nef Rodriguez

LeeAnn and Andrew Kress

Sriram Krishnamurthy

Margot Krismer

Richard Krulik

Mari Kuraishi and Dennis Whittle

Karen and Jim Lehrburger

Deborah and Marc Levine

Linda Lewis

Lauren and Paul Lipowicz

Jon Litle

Celeste Liversidge

Mildred and Tim Long

Ann Daniel Louden

Catherine Lowe

Brennan Lowery

Elizabeth and Scott MacGaw

Celeste and Peter Madden

Alex Madrid

Mauricio Magana

Monica and Jonathan Mandell

Ellen and Thomas Mann

Mary Sue and Mark Mansfield

Liz and Francois Marquis

Virginia Matthews

Kirsten McCoy

Susan and Michael McDermott

Stephanie and Jay McDonald

Michelle McDowell

Kaye H. McLeod

Erin McMurtrey

Constance and John McNamara

Mark Melson

Bruce Meltzer

Rachel and Harry Miller

Zubair Mohamed

Meldie Moore

Nicole Moore

Kristin and Doug Monty

Elizabeth and Michael Morrell

Siobhan Morrissey

Debra Moshinski, Esq.

Sherry Virginia Neal, J.D.

Tara and William Nick

The Oliva Family Charitable Fund

Talia Oren

Chris Ongsueng

Tiffany Palmer, Esq.

Carol Parnell

Tejal and Kepal Patel

Rebecca Paul and James Bentley

Cheryl Payne

Paula Pechin

The Pennsylvania Trust Company

Mary Ellen and Brendan Peppard

Caitlin Phillips

Jan Porter

Julie and Damian Proulx

Elizabeth Raymond

Janna Raskopf

Shannon Reilly

Susan and Drew Reiser

Meredith Rose

Julia and Adam Rosenzweig

Shani Rosenzweig

Liz and Paul Rosica

Caroline and Todd Rothman

Faith Rousso

James Rowley

Elisa and Ross Rubin

Arlene and Ed Ruff

Ginger and John Sabia

Angela Sabol and Thomas Tarka

Richard Salute

Kathleen Sandoski

Camilla and Karthik Sankaran

Michael Saperstein

Ipek and Serkan Savasoglu

Jamie Scher, Esq.

Diana Schimmel Avena

Deb and David Schuette

David Schuyler

Lori Schwartz

Pamela Schwartz

Kimberly and Todd Scott

Jennifer and Robert Shockley

Debbie and Bob Silverman

Robin Sizemore

Traci and Doug Slabach

Paul Slocum

Dawn Smith Pliner

Victoria Soldatovich

Daphna Sokolski

Loretta Speers

Deborah Spivack

Charlotte Steeh

Liz and Robert Stein

Tim Stevens

Michelle Stokes

Susan Storb

Rebecca Straus Farber and Evan Farber

Lara and Joe Sulpizio

Mikayla Summers

Sheeva Talebian

Fran Tepper

Randi Tonik

Totsy Foundation

Amy Twombly

Kara and Steve Udicious

Ginger Vacca

Pilar Vahey

Keith Wallace, Esq.

Geraldine Wallier

Abigail Weinshank

Lois and Harold Weitzner

Erinn and Matt Wiley

Nicole Witt

Gregory Wood

Mark Wurzel

Leslie Zindulka

Gail and Charles Zugerman

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